Explain "Arne De Belser"

I am @DeBelserArne, a trainee full-stack developer, semi-nerd, and loving father to 100 pigeons. This will be explained later.

I will share my latest ins and outs. I occasionally write a blog post, this can be a fun story about a certain skill that I have learned, or this can be a handy fact that I prefer not to keep to myself.

I started my development journey sometime late 2018, and since then I have launched my first open source project, a WordPress plugin, Homepage planner.

A while ago I also launched my first native mobile app. This is an app for pigeon fanciers which informs them of pigeons releases via push messages. The app is called Duiven Alarm

Curious about how I work? Check out my uses page for a full list of all the software, gadgets, and services I use.