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Rundown of what we are building [Back-end] [PHP]

Ch. 1

In this chapter we’ll go over the functionality which we are building. We will be building a pickup and delivery plugin for Woocommerce. This plugin will give the user the ability to select between delivery and pickup. In the case of delivery, a date field will be shown. In case of pickup the user will be able to choose from a list of pickup locations.

This tutorial covers a wide variety of advanced Woocommerce/WordPress development topics:
– Displaying extra checkout fields
– Communicating back and forth between back and front-end
– Integration with the jQuery date picker in WordPress

Ch. 2

Starting from a boilerplate

In this chapter I’m going to initialize the plugin structure from a boilerplate generator. This makes the process a bit faster since we don’t have to write all the boilerplate code ourselves.

Ch. 3

Configuring the front-end bits and pieces [Back-end] [PHP]

In this chapter we will be putting all the things together so that all the required checkout fields are showing. This includes a radio select where the user can choose between delivery & pickup. We will also add the respective location & date field. We will also learn how to implement the jQuery datepicker. We will also write all the javascript to conditionally show the right fields depending on the user choosing either pickup or delivery

CSS: https://pastebin.com/M3aSDLS6

Ch. 4

Writing the field validation rules & saving logic [Back-end] [PHP]

In this chapter we will be writing all the validation logic. This will make sure that no faulty data will enter our application and that users can not fizzle with the inputs.

Ch. 5

Package rates [Back-end] [PHP]

In this chapter we will be implementing everything regarding package rates. We will learn about the ‘woocommerce_package_rates’ hook and how to use it to reflect the user’s choice in the front-end.
In this chapter we will be writing all the Javascript for the front-end functionality. We need our front -end to be able to talk to our back-end and we do this via AJAX calls. We will also make our shipping/delivery reactive.
In this chapter we will enqueue all the necessary javascript & css styles

Ch. 6

Creating the admin order view [Back-end] [PHP]

In this chapter we will be creating the admin order view, the data should be available to our admins.

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