I am @DeBelserArne, a full-stack developer. My development journey started sometime late 2015.

From time to time, I’ll write engaging blog posts or make captivating videos. These could be delightful narratives about skills I’ve acquired or valuable insights I’m excited to share.

On a professional level, I mainly work with WordPress. I build webshops and websites and write custom integrations and themes/plugins. Some of my most recent work:

  1. Immo Sync Whise: This plugin facilitates a one-way data synchronization from Whise to WordPress, supplying comprehensive real estate property data. This enables the development of a front-end to showcase properties on websites. You can find the code on GitHub.
  2. WP Schedule Homepage: This plugin allows you to easily schedule changes to your WordPress site’s homepage. Whether it’s for special events, promotions, or updates, you can automate your homepage adjustments. Feel free to explore the code on GitHub.
  3. Woocommerce Stock Track: This plugin is designed to help you monitor and manage changes to stock levels for your WooCommerce products. It provides a user-friendly interface for tracking stock changes and offers valuable insights into product stock history. Whether you’re a store owner or manager, this plugin makes it easier to keep a close eye on your inventory.

In my free time, I enjoy exploring various technologies beyond my core focus, including Laravel and VueJS.

If you want to get started with open source, I’ve created a dashboard which let’s you help spatie.be out with their Laravel packages. Read more.

A while ago I also launched my first native mobile app. This is an app for pigeon fanciers which informs them of pigeons releases via push messages. The app is called Duiven AlarmAs of this moment the application is no longer maintained, but you are still free to browse the code!